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As an open-source developer, you commit a considerable amount of your free time to build software for the community. Why not get rewarded for your time and effort?

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With FundRequest, it becomes easy to reap a reward for your contributions, solutions and bugfixes on any open source software project.

  • Be rewarded
    Get paid for the work that you deliver on open source and other software projects.
  • A secure and safe payment
    Since FundRequest is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses open source Smart contracts, mutual trust and a secure transaction are guaranteed.
  • Find out what’s popular
    Get a better grip on the features the community is most interested in seeing improved.
  • Build your reputation
    Deliver good work, and see your status rise in the community through our reputation system.
  • Support the good cause
    Don't care about the reward? You’ll have the option to donate to your favorite charity.


We at FundRequest believe that blockchain technology and smart contracts can help us cut the middle men and evolve to a decentralized society where developers can reap the benefits of their work and where companies pay only for the support and development they need.

To this end, we have built FundRequest on the cryptocurrency platform Ethereum. One of Ethereum’s key features is a system of “Smart Contracts”. This enables us to program contractual requirements that are partially or fully self-executing – an automated “if-then” clause, if you will.


HOW TO SOLVE A REQUEST (and get paid)

  • Find a funded request
  • Propose your solution: You can resolve an issue by either providing the best answer, bug fix or solution. Your resolution gets evaluated and the most suitable solution is determined.
  • Claim your reward: The contributor who offered the best solution will be notified, and is then able to collect the funds.
  • You get paid: After a check through the Smart Contract, the funds are transferred.
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