An ambitious idea like FundRequest absolutely needs a talented and complementary team to succeed. We have gathered all the right people for the job – meet the team!

Meet the team

Core team

Karel Striegel avatar

Karel Striegel

Founder / CEO

Karel is the man with the vision, and the solutions to execute his ideas. His infectious enthusiasm is the fuel behind the whole FundRequest team.

Davy Van Roy avatar

Davy Van Roy


Davy builds on existing ideas and makes them better. He’s a no-nonsense man of action that can solve the toughest problems. At FundRequest he’s in charge of the platform architecture & development.

Gerbert Vandenberghe avatar

Gerbert Vandenberghe

Business Analyst

Gerbert has a passion for domain modeling, and is always eager to learn and discuss new ideas and insights. His main focus is creating business value while providing the best possible user experience.

Tim Dierckxsens avatar

Tim Dierckxsens

Product Manager

Tim has the gift to assemble all the right people around a project. He can enter the mind of a customer and determines the viability of an idea accordingly.

Steve Maris avatar

Steve Maris

Core Developer

Steve is a full-stack developer with a preference for front-end technology. He knows how to style and structure the web, with a focus on UX and accessibility

Quinten De Swaef Avatar

Quinten De Swaef

Core Developer

Quinten is an ethical hacker, who is always up to date with the latest tech developments. At FundRequest, he supports the back-end development.


Lasse Clausen avatar

Lasse Clausen

Token launch and token economics

Lasse is an entrepreneur driven by technology's world-changing potential. He’s currently a partner at the 1kx blockchain angel fund and an advisor on tokenization.

Christopher Heymann avatar

Christopher Heymann

Technology and token economics

Christopher has over 10 years experience as CTO for IT startups. He is currently a partner at the 1Kx blockchain angel fund, and will be our advisor for token generation events.

Nico Haelterman avatar

Nico Haelterman

Technical Analyst

Nico has a passion for emerging technologies and is a firm believer in decentralised (micro) payments. With an MD in commercial engineering and specialisation in AI, he will act as an economical and technical advisor for our team.

Thomas Matthys avatar

Thomas Matthys

Financial Advisor

Thomas is finalising a PhD in banking and corporate finance at the Vlerick Business School. He has a penchant for numbers and critical thinking, and will be counseling our business model.

Thomas Graham avatar

Thomas Graham

Marketing Advisor

Tom is a co-founder at, (an AI and machine learning marketing company) and founder of MapD, the world's fastest database. He is an expert in the emerging cryptocurrency regulatory landscape.


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