About FundRequest

FundRequest offers an integrated platform giving people the ability to incentivise developers to fix issues or work on a particular feature/project within the open source community. Developers providing the solution are rewarded for their open source contributions.

FundRequest runs on the Ethereum Blockchain

FundRequest provides value to


 Open Source projects

FundRequest creates a market for those open source projects with a high business value but with little community support and stimulates open source collaboration.


Developers and contributors

are rewarded for their time and effort they invest in supporting open source projects. For contributors who don’t care about the reward, FundRequest offers the ability to donate the rewards to the contributor’s favourite charity.



FundRequest helps organisations to use open source without the need of expensive 3rd party licensing and support. Companies can build a supporting community to solve specific issues impacting their business and can decide how much budget they want to allocate.



Users can fund an issue that impacts them personally or contribute to raising funds for the implementation of a desired feature.

What FundRequest can do for you

Rewards developers for their contributions to open-source projects

Help the open-source community and free software movements to increase development

Anyone can offer a reward for improvements to their favorite open source tool, generating more incentive

With rewards, developers can quickly understand what a community is most interested in seeing improved

Be the step between no support and Enterprise level assistance by only paying for changes you need.

By using the Ethereum blockchain and open source Smart contracts, trust and security are assured


How do I fund a ticket?


Search the ticket you want to fund. Press the fund button.

MetaMask will pop up and ask you how much Ether you want to fund. Fill in the amount and confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed the total balance is updated.

Multiple people can fund a ticket raising the total balance and increasing the incentive for developers to start working on it.

How do I withdraw my funds from a ticket?


Each ticket that you’ve funded will have a refund button.

Once pressed, MetaMask will pop up and offer you a withdrawal of your funds allocated to that ticket. When the transaction is confirmed, your funds are transferred to your account and the total ticket balance is updated.

Withdrawing funds is only possible for open tickets.



How are contributors rewarded?


A reward is only possible for closed and resolved tickets. The developer who resolved the issue will be identified, notified and will be able to claim the reward.

How do I track my funds or rewards?


FundRequest offers each user a dashboard.

One can see certain statistics as to how much they’ve funded or how much they’ve collected over time.

Which issues are still open and which are closed, and many other useful numbers and data.



Q2, 2017

Publish crowdsale contract (Test network)

Publish crowdsale contract on GItHub and the Ethereum test net for review and transparency

Publish official crowdsale contract

Publish the official crowdsale contract on GitHub and Ethereum main net for transparency
Q2-Q3, 2017

Start of the crowdsale

The crowdsale will last 42 days and 2 million tokens will be distributed.
Q3-Q4, 2017

End of the crowdsale

After 43 days the crowdsale comes to an end, and the tokens have been distributed

Ramp up development

Increasing the team and ramp up core development
Q1, 2018

Milestone 1 : Release Alpha version

The first release will contain

  • All core functionalities
  • Ability for token holders to test the alpha release on the Ethereum test network.

Q3, 2018

Milestone 2 : Release 1st Beta version

The second release will contain

  • Bug fixes based on the feedback from the Alpha release
  • Additional functionalities to support the core features.
  • The test environment will be updated with the first beta release for further testing on the Ethereum test network.

Q4, 2018

Milestone 3 : Release 2nd Beta version

The third milestone, the 2nd beta release, contains

  • Bug fixes based on the feedback from the first beta release
  • GUI and eye candy improvements.
  • Generating user documentation.
  • The test environment will be updated with the beta release for further testing on the Ethereum test network.

Team skills & experience

We are a team of IT professionals with a combined experience of more than 40 years and have successfully worked together on multiple projects and applications over the past 5 years. We have a multidisciplinary skill set which is essential to achieve our objectives:

More detailed breakdown of the team can be found in the Whitepaper

Software Development
Infrastructure / DevOps
User Interface Design

Platforms and apps we integrate with

The integration with GitHub is focussed on authentication and ticket handling, in the future other ticket systems, like Gitlab or Bitbucket could be considered. MetaMask allows users to easily fund tickets or requests. All funding and refunding of funds is handled by smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain.


Future integrations




Join the Crowdsale

The crowdsale is scheduled to start beginning of Q3, 2017 and will last 42 days. In total two million tokens will be distributed. Currently the crowdsale contracts are being tested and audited.

Feel free to have a look at the code in our public GitHub repository

Read the Whitepaper !

More information on the crowdsale